Our products, already a house-hold name, earned this enviable status because of Perfect's stated commitment to quality. This perfect equation is achieved because we bring together the best R&D people and state-of-the-art research and laboratory equipment and shop-floor manufacturing and production machinery.

In Jan, 2003, Perfect China has acquired four of the main national and international certifications, in testimony of GMP – Exemplary Health Food Production Certification, HACCP Food – Food Production Risk Analyses & Crucial Control Points Certification, ISO 9001:2000 Certificate upgraded from ISO 9002 (version '94), ISO 14001:1996 Environmental Management System Certification. It has later gained through the HALAL Food Certification in Mar, 2003. PERFECT’s products will indisputably be accepted only by the most discerning of customers and this testimony of certifications will be a prerequisite for approval and acceptance of customers.