Perfect (China) Co., Ltd was incorporated in 1994 in China as a subsidiary of a foreign enterprise, Perfect Resources (M) Sdn Bhd. Perfect (China) was authorized to market its products through dedicated outlets by the Ministry of Commerce of China on December 1st 2006 to sell health food, household and beauty & skin care products.

Overseas Chinese Venture Rooted in China

Chairman of Perfect (China) Co., Ltd, Tan Sri Dato' Koo Yuen Kim, D.P.T.J.J.P is a well-known third generation Malaysian Chinese entrepreneur; Vice Chairman Mr. Hooy Kok Wai, a second generation Singaporean Chinese; and Vice Chairman Dato' Woo Swee Lian, a second generation Malaysian Chinese. With the company mission of “Building a perfect career while gaining a perfect life”, Perfect’s top management has made sincere commitments to the community for the “Three Everlasting Principles”: Provide high quality products to consumers; Create opportunities for Perfect distributors to develop their career; Maintain long term investment and development in China.

With 20 years' persistent efforts in combining enterprise management expertise with traditional Chinese culture , Perfect today has built up a unique “Root Culture” , a unique Perfect culture that unifies R&D production, sales and customer service as a single driving force to achieve annual sales target in the tens of billions Chinese Yuan. Perfect owns four production facilities and 8 subsidiaries. Till date, Perfect has 33 branches, 7 offices and more than 7000 chain outlets nationwide in China. Concurrently, by adopting the strategy of “China as springboard to the world”, Perfect makes its thrust to the global market with the establishment of offices in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Perfect 's 120 mu(80,000 square meters , about 20 football fields) headquarters in ZhongShan, Guangdong Province houses its corporate offices, manufacturing facilities, massive logistics/ warehouses, quality staff dormitories and sport complex. Among the facilities, the massive logistics/ warehousing facilities have been developed with state-of-the-art German automated logistics(ASRS).

In 2004, Perfect expanded its business by investing in its second manufacturing base covering an area of 358 mu(approximately 24,000 square meters, 60 football fields)---Yangzhou Perfect Co., Ltd. in Hanjiang Economic Development Zone, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province. Yangzhou Perfect is an advanced and well planned manufacture base. Its 1st Phase Project comprises health food, personal care& cosmetic plants. Together with innovative and advanced ASRS logistic center, its production capacity is 3 times larger than the Zhongshan headquarters.

In line with its long term development strategy in China, Perfect (China) founded its third manufacturing base in 2011 in South China Modern TCM Center in Zhongshan Nanlang town. The base covers an area of 430 mu (approximately 290,000 square meters, 73 football fields), with a total investment of about RMB 1 billion. The 1st phase construction area is expected to reach 100,000 square meters. There are plans to build 3 production plants, automated warehouses, distribution centers, centralized multipurpose stations and recycle centers etc., which are expected to be operational in 2015.

Besides commitment to market development, Perfect is constantly improving its product strategy at the same time. In 2011, it invested US$ 50 million in a leading enterprise of ginseng production and R&D in Jilin Province. This marks Perfect’s first inroad into the ginseng industry. The up-market product- " Jifushen ginseng pill", fills the gap in ginseng processing and applications. So far, Perfect’s total investment land area in China has reached nearly 1100 mu (approximately 733,300 square meters, 183 football fields). Its four production bases, by virtue of their respective geographical advantage, have realized the potential of regional cooperation, optimized allocation of resources and improved the competitiveness of the company.

Management with Integrity. Pursuit of Quality

Integrity is a vital quality of individuals and corporations. It’s the responsibility and obligation of each corporate citizen to abide the law and fulfill its tax obligation. Since 2006, Perfect has ranked amongst the top 500 Chinese enterprises and the top 100 China's foreign, Hong Kong and Taiwan enterprises for tax contribution for 3 consecutive years. This was tabulated by the State Administration of Taxation Planning Statistics Division and the "China Tax " magazine, based on enterprises’ actual tax paid. This is a testimonial to Perfect’s contribution to both the national and local economies.

Since Perfect was founded, management integrity , “win-win” mutual benefit and respect for fair competition, have been the guiding principles for growth. Perfect is committed to its three management core values: “Humanity”, “Conscience” and “Compassion”. These core values drive the company to continuously provide a conducive and stable environment for its customers; and compel it to provide the best customer satisfaction to consumers, business owners , suppliers and staff.

Between June 2002 and January 2003, Perfect was awarded several prestigious and internationally recognized certifications; Health Food GMP Certification, HACCP-Food Safety Certification, ISO9000 Quality Management System Certification, and ISO14001 Environment Management. In March 2003, it received the China’s Islamic HALAL Certification. In October 2005 and December 2009, 8 of Perfect’s nutritional health food all passed through steroids tests carried out by the "Steroids Detection Center" of the National Research Institute of Sports Medicine. This certifies that the products do not contain steroids, hormone drugs and any other national and international banned performance enhancing drugs for athletes.

In order to further strengthen the company’s self-reliance on its own R&D, innovation, production and distribution, Perfect actively taps into various universities and research institutions R&D works. The company aims to commercialize the efforts of such R& D for the consumer market. In August 2005, Perfect collaborated with the prestigious Jiang Nan University to open a R& D center; In November 2006, the company entered into a strategic partnership with China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. At present, Perfect’s R & D center is preparing to apply to be a certified laboratory based on China National Standards. Perfect has been awarded the ”Enterprise Technology Center of Guangdong Province”, and “Aloe Vera and Bioactive Peptides Application Engineering Technology R&D Center of Guangdong Province”. On 1st January 2010, Perfect was officially recognized by the Guangdong Province Science & Technology Department as a “High-Tech Enterprise”.

Social Welfare Contributions

Perfect’s founders, despite being Overseas Chinese, possess strong national spirits and affinity with traditional Chinese culture. They have inherited the great Mr. Sun Yat-Sen’s spirits- "Universal Love" and the patriotic Overseas Chinese Mr. Chen Jiageng’s passionate belief- "Develop the country through education". “Contributing back to society with what it gives to us” is the philosophy behind the company’s well established charity work. In the past 20 years, Perfect has made every effort to help those less fortunate in society and promote better social welfare. It devotes itself to numerous social welfare undertakings, like the “Hope” and “Western China Development” projects, disaster relief, environmental protection, sports and China medicine improvement and so on. At the same time, Perfect makes donations to the construction and running of “Hope Primary Schools” and the “Hope Teachers” Project; promoting “Water Cellar for Mothers” Project, advocating blood donation drive, annual charity walk, promoting Chinese education, anti-drug abuse campaign and “Life Express”. It also supports China’s cutting-edge scientific research talents. Perfect’s total donation to date amounts to more than RMB 370 million.

Recognitions and Awards for Contributions to Society

“China Youth Volunteer Action Award for Special Contribution”
by the Central Communist Youth League in 2004;

“Top 100 Star Overseas Enterprise”
by Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council in 2006;

“Blood Donation Promotion Award”
by Ministry of Health, People's Republic of China Red Cross Headquarters and the Chinese People's Liberation Army General Logistics Department Health Division in 2007;

Between 2008 and 2012, Chairman Tan Sri Dato' Koo Yuen Kim, D.P.T.J.J.P was bestowed “ The China Charity Award” by the Ministry of Civil Affairs for 5 years consecutively. This is seen as the highest award in the charity field in China.

Taking advantage of favorable developments in international business relationships, Perfect is endeavoring to do its part in promoting a friendly relationship between China and Malaysia. In early 2007, Chairman Tan Sri Dato' Koo Yuen Kim, D.P.T.J.J.P was appointed President of Malaysia-China Friendship Association, which marked the start of a new phase in China-Malaysia friendship.

The invaluable lessons and experience gained by Perfect in the past 20 years has instilled in everyone an unmovable belief in Perfect’s vision of “Everlasting Perfect, a Global Perfect” . Perfect will build on this foundation in its relentless pursuit of Perfection.